The LoFric®  Primo™ Hydrophilic Catheter 8fr Male

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LoFric® PrimoTM is packaged with its own sterile water – you can safely catheterize even where there is no clean water source available. The packaging keeps the water separate from the catheter until activation. Easy to fold. LoFric Primo is a perfect solution for people who are active and out of the home frequently. Available in sizes for men, women and children. Large loop for opening or hanging

Adhesive area on back for hanging up the package.

Sterile water included. Press water pocket to activate.

Insertion guide. A firm grip without needing to touch the catheter with your fingers.

Urotonic™ Surface Technology for low friction and maximal comfort.

Smooth catheter eyes.

Foldable and discreet.

Connector has different colors depending on the diameter of the catheter. Can be attached to a standard urine collection bag or extension line.

Catheter tip comes in two different types: rounded (Nelaton) and tapered (Tiemann/Coudé).

Not manufactured with natural rubber latex.


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8fr 4100840
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18fr 4101840


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