Rüsch® MMG™ Intermittent Catheter Closed System Red Rubber Kit – Male

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The Rüsch® MMG™ Intermittent Catheter Closed System has been clinically shown to reduce urinary tract infections.1For more than two decades, this product has helped individuals reduce the risk of recurrent UTIs. Simply remove the protective cap, load the pre-lubricated catheter into the Guardian Tip™ Introducer, insert introducer into the urethra, and pass catheter into the bladder. The collection bag holds 1500 mL. Available in a full range of sizes and styles, the Rüsch® MMG™ Closed System can meet the needs of most individuals using a closed system to manage their bladder. The Rüsch® MMG™ Closed System Kit contains sterile gloves (not made with natural rubber latex), underpad, antiseptic, and gauze.


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