MTG Catheter Coude Tip – Male

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Men who have trouble inserting an intermittent catheter beyond the prostate, or any users who have urethral strictures and experience difficulty catheterizing, may benefit from our MTG Coude Tip Catheter. The smooth, special curved tip is designed to allow the catheter to pass more easily beyond tight spots. The eyes of our catheters are also fire polished with smooth, soft edges for comfort. Included with each MTG Coude Tip Catheter is our blue, “no touch” sleeve allowing the fingers to grasp and insert the tube without touching the surface, thereby minimizing contamination and possible infection.

Curved coude tip makes catheter insertion easier in cases of enlarged prostate or urethral stricture.
Smooth, fire polished eyelets (drainage holes) allow for comfortable passage through the urethra and into the bladder.
Offset eyes, located near the tip of the catheter provide drainage from two points within the bladder.
DEHP-free catheter tube.

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