LoFric® Sense™  Hydrophilic Catheter 8fr Female

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LoFric® Sense™ is the intermittent catheter tailor made just for women. Extra small and discreet, yet still long enough for complete bladder emptying, LoFric Sense includes everything needed for safe and comfortable catheterization anywhere.  User-friendly handle for good grip and non-touch technique. Connects to a standard collection bag or extension line.
Urotonic™ Surface Technology for low friction and maximal comfort.
Smooth catheter eyes.
Instant activation – sterile salt water solution included, one gentle squeeze and it’s ready to use.
6 inch tube length ensures both catheter eyes are in the bladder for complete bladder emptying.
Discreet design.
The outer packaging doubles as a hygienic and discreet disposal pouch after use.
Not manufactured with PVC, phthalates and natural rubber latex.
User-friendly dispenser box. Additional Sizes: 10fr – 4161050 12fr – 4161250 14fr – 4161450

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