Kiddie-Kath® Closed Catheter Kit – Pediatric

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Ever wonder why nearly every pediatric intermittent catheter is in a pouch too big for a pocket? Or, if you are familiar with closed system urinary catheters, why are most pediatric products packaged with same size collection bag as adult versions? After several years of development, and listening to children and parents alike, we’re pleased to introduce MTG Kiddie-Kath®, the first closed system intermittent urinary catheter just for kids.

Privacy is a big deal to everyone, especially to children when it comes to their bladder catheterizations. We believe we have addressed each concern a child might raise. MTG Kiddie-Kath® is in a child-friendly “Mini-Pak “ outer container, and easily fits in a pocket or purse. When opening, the wrapper is soft and quiet so the other kids in the restroom won’t wonder what’s going on behind the stall door. We also learned that many children are self-conscious about lubricant spills on their clothes, and discarding used catheter supplies in a school waste can. Pre-lubrication minimizes mess to keep clothes lube-free. We also include our popular privacy bag for discreet disposal of used catheter and supplies. With MTG, your child will realize that cathing can be quick, easy, and they won’t have to explain their bladder program to other curious kids.


  • The catheter is pre-lubricated, so setup time is minimal.
  • The MTG introducer tip is designed to reduce the risk of recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (see instructional male or female video for proper usage instructions).
  • The MTG EZ-Advancer® valve secures the catheter tube after each forward advancement, preventing retraction during insertion.
  • Soft, fire polished, smooth eyelets (drainage holes) allow for comfortable passage through the urethra and into the bladder.
  • Offset eyes, located near the tip of the catheter, provide drainage from two points within the bladder.
  • The catheter bag protects the sterility of the tube and collects the urine. The bag capacity is 700 ml. (see MTG
  • EZ-Advancer® should larger capacity be desired).
  • Sterile sample can be collected (see Sample Retrieval).
  • 100% latex-free
  • Benzalkonium chloride (BZK) clear, odor-free, alcohol-free, cleansing prep
  • DEHP-free catheter tube
  • Mini-Pak outer package
  • Privacy bag for discreet disposal of used supplies
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