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Importance of a Bladder Diary

Urologists utilize a bladder diary to better understand patients’ urinary symptoms. If your urologist asks you to keep a bladder diary, you can record fluid intake, urination, urgency, accidents, etc.
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Adult Intermittent Self-Catheterization

The bladder is a hollow muscular organ shaped like a small balloon that is located in the lower abdomen. The kidneys, (bean-shaped organs near the middle of the back), normally
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Overactive Bladder Bladder Diary instructions

What is a Bladder Diary? A bladder diary is a tool used by you and your health care provider to better understand your bladder symptoms. It helps you track a
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My brother had wheels. I can still hear the way the tires sounded as he slowed to a stop; rubber on cement, creating a smooth whirring as his hands glided
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A love letter

What I didn’t realize when you were born was the label that would be put on you – “Special Needs”.  It’s a label that no one wants to have. I
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Intermittent Catheterization

Clean intermittent catheterization is now the standard of care for individuals who experience urinary retention or incontinence. With intermittent catheterization to drain the bladder, there is lower risk of urinary
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